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All parents wish to see their children grow up happily; learn about the world around them, to smile, to be active and to develop themselves harmoniously. How to bring up a child correctly? How to help him to be self-assured in an adult life? Our YMCA centre “Smile” helps to find answers to these questions.
During 21 years our YMCA offers different creative and educational programs for children from 18 months to 17 years old.

YMCA centre “Smile” runs a contemporary model of complex education.

Our main goal is physical, spiritual and intellectual upbringing of children and teenagers, forming a harmonious personality.

Our methods:

  • Creation and implementing of innovative programs (the English language, choreography, vocal, preparation for school)
  • Harmonization of relationship between the child and other people, activation of cognitive process from the early childhood.
  • The acquaintance with cultural traditions of different countries through theatre, choreographic and vocal forms.
  • Realization of wide-ranging actions to support and popularize children’s arts and to discover more talented children.
  • Charitable concerts with participation of our creative groups.
  • Development and improving of international connections, organization of joint projects with creative groups of different countries, popularization of Russian folklore abroad.
  • Participation in city holidays and events, concerts, active collaboration with schools in scientific, cultural and sport spheres.

Creative activities, immersion into the world of music and foreign language provides the child with an opportunity to perceive himself and the world around him.

The program “Childhood”, elaborated by the group of St. Petersburg teachers, had been taken as a foundation for the work with children at our center.

 The milestone of the program – a child with personal peculiarities, problems and interests.

The motto of the program – to feel-to perceive-to create.

The youngest participants of the center “Smile” attend classes from 18 months together with their parents. There are 5-6 children in the group.

Communication with other kids of same age allows the child to feel his own personality, to feel a joy of the first common impressions.

The child begins to learn and feel his part of belonging to the world around him, his necessities, learns to reach a decision and make a choice.

Diagnostic work of our teachers allows parents to get information about  child’s capacities and a stage of the development  every 4/5 months period. This diagnostic work is conducted in such spheres as mathematics, development of speech, nature world, music and dancing…

The main principle of our work with the child is “not do harm”.

The parents have an opportunity to choose and combine the programs as they like. Such approach doesn’t   bring into a conflict educational functions as all the programs of our centre are chosen in such a way, that a child is not overloaded and well motivated to attend all the classes.

The key of success in children’s education environment is to allow   a child to be who he is as a person and not to require him doing something that is could accomplish at his current stage.

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