Dear Friends, Parents, Children and Teens!

Our YMCA is very young. We just turned 20 on May 13, 2013.

Our focus and mission is to help youngsters and teens become better selves and to help families and communities be stronger!
We believe that the sooner kids are not afraid to be the personalities they are (to be themselves) their self-assurance and self esteem will only grow and they will succeed in their everyday lives.
We welcome children into our programs, learn about their talents, accept their personalities, and help them mature. Parents know that their children can be with us from 18 months until they leave school at the age of 17.
We are sure that there are NO talentless children! The friendly atmosphere, and the professional, caring, and kind staff will be always a great asset in growing up and learning about the world.   

We strive to create every opportunity for toddlers and young children to grow up and develop in harmony with the surrounding world. We help a child to be strong physically; help to develop his/her traits and skills. We open the world to our children and help them grow in spirit, mind and body!

Our motivation – to learn about the world; to create better life around oneself.

Why are we successful in what we do? We understand the needs of all children at all ages. We learn about their problems, personal needs, emotional sphere and much more. We assist them in every way to be creative and to not be afraid to create with others. We also do not forget that emotional sphere that surrounds a child must be very rich in color, activities and educational standards.

We value the role of the GAME. We motivate our children to be always active and learn at every step of their paths. We help children and parents to be stronger in unity, to do fun stuff together, to take part in our festivities and play and laugh together--to show the children that adults are like kids only a bit older.
Every year we have more and more participants. Our experience shows that we have a vision and that vision is shared by families who bring their children and do their utmost to raise and educate their kids in harmony, love and affection!
Children are our future! Let us make it a happy one for our younger ones! And ourselves as well, dear parents!

Our doors are open for new members, friends and ideas!

Edward  Shornik



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