Our history


The history of centre “Smile” starts from the founding of  the theatre-studio “Smile” (March 1st,1988) and the following year a big major project followed, the first Russian-American musical production "Lullaby For Tomorrow" June 30th,1989 . It was really a unique project: two stage directors, two scriptwriters, and actors – children from different continents.

During its 20 years theatre-studio has been to many countries. Children represented Siberia in France, Finland, Canada, Germany, Malta, Norway, Poland, in USA and Great Britain.


In 1992 studio Smile’s activities had expanded. The centre of children’s and youth was founded. Firstly the emphasis was made on subjects of Esthetic centre: choreography, singing, foreign languages. The centre was attended by children from 5 years old. In 1994 the first pilot group for 3 year old children had started. Learn to read had been added to the traditional program.

A program Preparation for school for 5 year olds was started in 1995.

A custom made program for toddlers of 18 months had started in 1998 as a pre-start of the program “Learn and play”.

Currently the children and teenagers from 18 months up to 16 years old have an opportunity to be our organization till they graduate from school. 

In 1997 Fashion theatre “Smile” has been founded, then followed the Teen’s DJ school “Insound”. In 2008 has started new school containing course of acting skills, acrobatics, stage speech and the eccentrics. The best graduates enter art-group “Yo!Show”, which participates in different shows, holidays and performances.


At the time of the centre foundation the partnership with international non-governmental movement “YMCA” had been initiated. All programs of the movement are aimed and oriented at perfection of SPIRIT, MIND and BODY, improving health, developing various skills, creativity and intellect.

As a result of this collaboration a new NGO - the   “YMCA-Novosibirsk” was founded.


During all these years YMCA Smile took part in different municipal and regional social projects. In 2003 in collaboration with Novosibirsk Metropolitan School District organized the first of a kind city vocal contest “Siberian Smiles”.

As a result two vocal groups appeared. They were “Tweeners” and “Tutti-Frutti”.

Since 1995 The Regional Contest “Young Fashion Designer” had been sponsored. This project – is a chance for many children from Novosibirsk Region and the city to test their skills in fashion sphere and in designing of kid’s and teen’s clothes. There is also an opportunity for every participant to demonstrate his or her talent, because every year we have big final show of the contest.


During 6 years our YMCA sponsors junior basketball tournament for kids of 9-11 years old.

In the year 2004 one more social project has started – “Life’s vector”. Its main goal was to support the social conscience of health issues among teens. The result of the project was a production of the interactive drama performance “Danger” dedicated to problems of drug addiction, alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy and smoking.

From 1994 until 2006 centre “Smile” was organizing summer and winter camps “Zaimka”. During that period more than 3000 children from ages 6 to 16 year olds had come and spent their winter/summer vacations there and we also had kids come from cities of the Novosibirsk region, from Moscow, Yekaterinburg and others. The main goal of the camp is socialization of children and teenagers through creativity and different forms of communication in a group of mixed ages.

The new step in the camp’s development became the involvement of 15-16 years old teens as the assistants of the camp leaders. These boys and girls had taken part in special trainings.

During the YMCA International festivals in 2003 and 2008 our teen performers had participated in Prague, Czech Republic.

One of new projects, the regional contest of art works and literary mottos, was conducted together with the Regional Children’s Foundation (Novosibirsk branch) and Institute of Humanity with the support of Regional and Metro School Districts.

The goals of the contest - to concentrate the attention of children, parents and community of our city and region how to teach our children to be healthy and active.


In March 2008 we celebrated 20th anniversary of theatre-studio “Smile” and the 15th birthday of our centre. We have many new ideas and plans, projects.

In summer of 2009 we plan to organize a new international YMCA concept camp in Bulgaria.

And our motto is still the same: “Believe in yourself!” We believe in ourselves and in our work!






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