Festival "LOVE 2 Live" was held in Prague

August 4 – 10, 2013 was a fantastic week in Prague, Czech Republic where the YMCA Europe had organized   the international festival- "LOVE 2 Live" 

70 countries – 5 continents !!!!! 5 000 people had been proud to be a part of the big international family: YMCA - the second largest NGO in the world!

500 participants had come from Russia and YMCA Smile,Novosibirsk was part of the grand event!

This festival – was a unique journey into the world of dreams, aspirations and talent! Multiple opportunities allowed to develop leadership skills, learn about the world’s cultural diversity  in one place- magnificent Prague!

From noon to mid- night the festival had much to offer : workshops, different trainings, confernces, City – day, evening activities and shows!!!!!!

One that really stood out: «Live spells L-O-V-E» - the young talents; singers, dancers and actors  from all over Europe were chosen and who did take part in this grandeur event!

  As a  warm up , a pre- show event on main stage was-    «Y's best talent».

The festival now is history and all the participants had taken home warm memories, new friendships and skills , they were able to broaden their global horizons, they were able to expand their boundaries and had grown culturally.

The festival «LOVE 2 Live" allowed all the participants to demonstrate their skills and learn about other cultures. In addition, a fantastic bonus – to young and old – the  eternal beautiful sights of Prague!

Оur  photo gallery: Our workshop was dedicated to the world ethno! 65 participants from 8 countries had attended. After the workshop all participants were able to come and demonstrate new skills, steps, moves etc etc on the stage. They had shared the fellowship and joy!

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