Reports on trips to Dublin Irish souvenir contest winner "Irish souvenir" 2016 - Alice Pchelkinoi





My trip to Dublin

About me. My name is Alisa Pchelkina, I’m 17 years old and I’ve just got back to Novosibirsk from Dublin. 

How did I get there. Smile and MLI School organized an English language contest in my native cty? Novosibirsk and a main prize was a 2 weeks trip to Dublin. And imagine how happy and surprised I was when I knew that I have won. 

My expectations. I wanted to find new friends, visit some interesting places and of course improve my English. I did it all!

My first impression. The first person I met in Dublin was Gerry: he was very friendly and funny. When I got to college I was met by Alison and she showed me everything. She was nice and helpful, so during the trip I could ask her about every single question or problem I used to deal with.

My lessons. Thanks to my teacher Seán our lessons were really funny and interesting. Every discussion was informal and existing. I miss our lessons so much.

Making new friends. The first day I couldn't find any people of my nationality, but I met a lot of friendly and communicative Italians. So I spent with them all 2 weeks. We studied, laughted, cheered together. And I even cried with them when I had to leave. Aurora, Valentina, Eleanora, Gulia.... many of them became really good friends of mine and we chat a lot. Even 3 weeks after the trip.

Atmosphere in college. It is awesome, very friendly and it makes the process of studying and meeting new people much easier. Interesting evening activities give opportunity to spend good time with your friends doing something useful.

What I saw in Ireland. Well, this trip I didn't visit a lot of different places. We had an excursion to Belfast. I met Maurice Curtis, he's an Irish writer and he signed me a book. We saw Trinity college. We saw beautiful Riverdance. We walked the same roads where Oscar Wilde was. Museum of wickings, Temple bar....

Ireland is not just centuries of history, beautiful nature and monuments, but also friendly, open and very talented people you want to communicate and share your ideas and feelings with.

I am really grateful to Mr Shornik and Mr Brendan for offering me an opportunity to have this amazing experience. I am very happy I had these 2 wonderful weeks and I'll always keep sweet memories in my heart.

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