January - December 2009

YMSA-Novosibirsk activity in 2009

21st birthday of Theater studio “Smile”

March 15, 2009
Theater studio “Smile” celebrates its 21st birthday! It was a merry gathering with lots of music, presents, and concert numbers. Parents, children, grandparents –all who had attended had a very good time!

A concert “The World classic hits”

April 13, 2009
The fund raiser event. A concert “The World classic hits”. In collaboration with Rotary Club Novosibirsk a concert was held with many well known Novosibirsk professional actors and musicians, YMCA program participants: best of the best were honored and had performed on stage that day. 100 000 Roubles were raised to help the rehabilitation center to purchase the needed equipment for the kids who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis.


Anti SMOKING action!

April 26, 2009

Volunteers of the YMCA Smile conduct an event that had caused so many young people to smile and stop for a moment during a break at the university of commerce and finance.

Anti SMOKING action! Students who were ready to give up their cigarettes that day got all kinds of prizes and were reminded in a rather humorous way that Smoking is a Health Hazard!

The International Dance Day.

May 1- Central park, Novosibirsk. YMCA Smile had sponsored an event dedicated to the International Dance Day. This is an event to popularize dance and the drive to be active, healthy and lively!
Since 1982 UNESCO pays tribute to a French choreographer Jeune Nouver – he is considered to be the founder of contemporary ballet. The dancing communities all over Europe and Russia is not an exception organize events and fun activities all over town! 
The audience was able to join the master classes in ballroom and hip hop dance! The witty ones got prizes for the answers that were linked to the history of dance and knowledge of the dance  styles.
This was our first attempt but we have decided that it should become a tradition.

The Young Americans in Novosibirsk

«Broadway-Siberia Express! »

May 7 – 10, 2009 a pilot project.6 teachers from the USA –an organization called The Young Americans. They tour the world and help all young and old to learn and master one’s own talent in the genre of a musical. Since 2001 they had been all over Europe in more than 400 cities.
80 participants took part in this workshop and YMCA Smile had sponsored 10 kids from low income families and orphans. Found host families for the American guests. The finale of the workshop – a concert at a circus! An event that would be a memory of a lifetime!

The finals of top 5:  

The metropolitan School basketball league (MSBL) tournament.

Our YMCA in this event sponsors the age group (born in 1997).The MSBL is in its 5th year and is becoming very popular sport event in the region and all over Russia. The teams compete on Sundays from September to early May
The winners had been awarded prizes, cups, certificates and the new nomination was found: the best referee! The best nominee rewarded with a great pair of sport shoes.

The YMCA Cup tournament.

In 2003 YMCA Smile had sponsored our first junior basketball tournament (8- 12 years old).To our greatest joy this year in 2009   we had learnt that the professional league club of Novosibirsk had signed a contract with a young man -Alexander Parshin whose basketball career began at that 2003 tournament.
May 25 – 27, the VIIth tournament had taken place. The YMCA Cup tournament is now for boys and girls:
4 boys and 4 girls’ teams compete   during 3 days and on June 1st we celebrate the participants and the winners in the Central Park. An event that so many await with anxiety.
Thanks to the support of Hartford YMCA we are able to popularize the game of basketball, obtain great quality prizes, cups and medals; involve many kids in activities that popularize healthy life style. We also help those involved to become friends and learn that they share so much in common.



An international children’s day!

June 1st for so many years is the day that we try to make it a fun day and happy one too for the community of Novosibirsk.
It is an international children’s day! All our young program participants come out on stage and dance and sing and HAVE FUN! It is their day AND rides and ice cream await them afterwards!

Health is happiness!

September 5, 2009
Our second annual event: Health is happiness!
YMCA Russia had adopted a program called GOP (Global Operating Plan)- the aim of the program is to  help kids, teens and adults to appreciate ones’ health and organize all kinds of programs: drug prevention, non smoking, etc that promote healthy life style! AS of this year we also try to promote ecology consciousness.
We have been actively involved in promoting healthy and ecology issues via an artistic approach.
Kids ages 3 – 12 are invited to draw, be inventive in applied arts, and compose ditties, slogans and poems. It is a contest with a big and joyous finale – a concert with an award ceremony. Each year more and more people and organization get involved and help us.  
The jury was so happy and busy with more than 400 applications: 60 educational institutions have contributed to the event and participated. The participants were from Novosibirsk region and the city as well.
The special guest at the ceremony was a volunteer from UK, Terry Ratcliffe – Chair of Field Group Russia! His speech was dedicated to an original way that the children learn and begin to appreciate such important knowledge- how needy it is to be healthy! And of course the talent  of all involved was praised by our guest!


The Young Americans in Russia.

Musical Outreach.

September 29 –October 2, 2009
Institute of Humanities and YMCA Smile contributed to a workshop and  a show with orphans and students from teachers’ colleges. This time a team of 46 young teachers from the USA, Japan, UK, Germany    - an international cast of The Young Americans who came to Russia as part of the European Tour. 
This was a very special, intimate, meaningful and so valuable experience for 170 people.
The youngest participant was 6 years old- Yaroslav.  So much love, emotion, human international bonding it was real MUSICAL OUTREACH!

The XVth contest “Young Fashion Designer”


450 participants took part in the contest. The young designers start to prepare for this event in January. Not all of them were able to come out on stage on the day of the FINAL show! Only the ones whose skills were noted by the JURY.

The jubilee show finale of the XVth contest Young Fashion Designer allowed 200 participants to create and fascinate the jury and the audience. 4 age groups: 5- 9; 10- 12; 13- 15; 16-18 years old and 4 nominations:

•    National costume of Northern Russia

•    The Flight of Extravagancy

•    The Shakespeare’s epoch

•    Accessories and style

•    The world of Puppetry.

The Grand prix winner in 2009 is Vera Govorushkina, 16 years old. She took part   in the last 6 years and the jury was very happy to observe how Vera matured and excelled in her designing and artistic skills. She is the lucky winner to travel to London and take a 2 weeks course at Central St. Martin University.

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