Creative Workshop - "Carousel of Smiles."

The project "Creative Workshop- Carousel of Smiles "strives to create the motivation for students to become more active and" rise "to a new level of creative –self and development through positive-minded and trained teachers through music, the art of movement and acting.
Conducting creative workshops in schools :primary and high-schools , immersing students in the world of music, dance and theater, allowing them to exploit their internal capabilities to help find a solution to conflict-free way to communicate with their peers, to build confidence in their own ability to overcome the complex challenges of internal enslavement and socialization.
Solving such a problem allows a unique technique developed by a group of talented teachers who lead the participants, to their own skills and talents that participants have not been able to be aware that they existed. These techniques meet the age, psycho-physical and emotional characteristics of the workshop participants and are designed to make the learning process is not only an efficient tool in self growth, but also is so  joyful and is the cause of positive emotions of all participants in the workshop.



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