Our Anniversary


Thetre-studio "Smile" was founded in 1988. At the same time started first theatre group, consisted of 20 children.

The premiere of the first grand International project that theater-studio "Smile" had done jointly with the American counterparts "Lullaby For Tomorrow" took place in the summer of 1989 on the stage of the Novosibirsk Children's Theater. Five weeks later the production was performed on Bainbridge Island, WA. The musical was performed in English & was highly appraised in Russia & USA.

In April 22, 1990 the play "Snowhite, dwarfs & many others" was performed for the first time on the stage of the Actors Union Club & then for a number of years was played at different theaters of Novosibirsk.
The next International project brought "Smile" to Lapland, Finland with a musical "Warm Hearts of Siberia", filled with music & dance, Russian folklore & much more.

In 1992 the musical "The Magic of the Smile" was produced, where actors ages 5-7 years old came on stage with their older counterparts. In June of 1992 "Smile" was a guest of the Hartford YMCA, CT, USA. The audience enjoyed the Russian folklore presentation.

In January 1993 theater-studio "Smile" was invited to do around the schools tour in Port Orchard, WA and Portland, OR, USA. During that tour the students of 22 schools were able to get aquatinted with Siberian folklore & participate in joint workshops. A very warm reception was given to the play "The Heart Remembrance" adapted to William Shakespeare sonnets.

September '94 - a joint program with school #4. Creation of the 6th form specialized in humanities & acting skills.
December '94 - premiere "Adventures on the Christmas Eve" was performed on the stage of Novosibirsk Musical Variety Theater.

In May 1995, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Victory Day in World War II, "Smile" prepared a special patriotic saga "To those, who gave their lives for Motherland", remembering all the people, who fought for Russia in the different periods of its history.

1996. The new musical "Pippi Longstocking" was staged at "Red Torch" theater. With this musical we participated in a city competition "Theatrical Spring". The jury granted "The Best Musical of the Year" award to the play.

That summer theater-studio was a guest of joint workshops with Hamburg Youth Theater ("Theater Jugend") & Bremen YMCA, Germany. This was a wonderful cross-cultural experience.

1998 - an anniversary year. "Smile" turned 10 years old. January 2 on the stage of "Red Torch" theater a new musical "The Golden Key" (Russian version of "Pinocchio") was produced. March 15 - the 3-hour anniversary concert was held for more than 1.000 people. That concert was memorable also due to the participation of "Smile" graduates.

2000 - On April 10th on the stage of the Novosibirsk Opera House the concert program named "Bridge Over Troubled Water" was held.
2003 - premiere of musical production "Adventures of Tom Sawyer"

2005 - YMCA-Smile-Novosibirsk, had sponsored the production of the play "Danger!". The script, musical score and direction had been performed by local performing arts specialists. The actors are teenagers who are "living through" life full of hardships entering adulthood. Such problems as: drugs, aids, teen pregnancy, interaction with adults are being under the focus.

The premiere of new musical «Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs» - year 2007.
On March’16 2008 – the great show of anniversary took place: “Smile: we are 20 years old!”

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