YMCA's History

1898 - it was registered in St. Petersburg, the empress Alexandra was a patron to the organization.

James Stock, USA united a lot of people, whose interest in the Russian YMCA movement was great. The project was named "Mayak" (Lighthouse). A lot of programs were developed for children & adults, to educate their profound respect for the Russian culture, traditions of the orthodox church, for the ideas of developing SPIRIT, MIND & BODY.

1899 - John Mott, General Secretary of the International Committee, YMCA of USA & Canada helped to organize "Russian Christian Student movement" in the universities of Moscow & St. Petes.

1905 - A. Gaylord, the first YMCA secretary in Russia, helped to create the organization "The Society for Young People of St. Petersburg for Moral & Physical development". This movement grew rapidly & soon had 2.000 members.

During World War I the YMCA representatives helped Russian prisoners.

The revolution of 1917 reduced YMCA's activities in Russia. The Moscow YMCA headquarters was closed in 1919.

Today the YMCA movement in Russia is revived: Bryansk & Kaluga, Syktyvkar & Omsk, Novosibirsk, Moscow, Yaroslavl, Vladimir & St. Petes. There are also YMCA movements in Georgia, Armenia, Latvia & Ukraine.

The YMCA programs are aimed at meeting everyday needs of different groups: children, pensioners, orphans & disabled.

Preservation of Russian cultural traditions is the important factor of all YMCAs in Russia. It's doors are open for everyone, regardless of color, faith & (or) ideology.

YMCA is & can not be the political organization & YMCA of Russia supports Arts, music, literature.



Novosibirsk YMCA was "born" in October '92, but the official registration took place in April 23, 1993.

YMCA-Novosibirsk has a partner in Connecticut, USA - Metropolitan Hartford YMCA.

All programs are aimed and oriented at perfection of SPIRIT, MIND & BODY, improving health, developing various skills, creativity & intellect.





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